Saturday, March 14, 2009


It’s been a while since my last update. Time can really by. Here is a quick update as to what I have been doing the past few months. Thank you for your prayers. They are needed and appreciated. We serve a God you indeed answers prayers.

• The gash on my head has healed up well from the stitches with barely a scar.

• The first trimester of my language studies at the Spanish Language Institutes has past the half way point. I am enjoying my classes, and my Spanish is coming along. But, there is still a lot more I need to learn. There a lot of Spanish in my head, but it is difficult to get it to my mouth in conversation. I need a lot more practice.

• I have started to go to La Casa de Restauración every Monday afternoon with some other language students here in Costa Rica. La Casa de Restauración is a half-way house for men who are recovering alcoholics and/or drug addicts. We do Bible studies with them and hang out with them. It is a great opportunity to minister and practice Spanish at the same time.

• I have also been to several workshops on church planting as a part of the training and mentoring that the IMB provides for the languages students. Part of the mentoring includes bi-weekly meetings with a missionary who gives assignments and provides accountability. Right now I am memorizing the Romans Road in Spanish.

Prayer Concerns:
• language/culture acquisition
• ministry at La Casa de Restauración
• that God would open doors for me to share the gospel
• that God would open the hearts and minds of those to whom I have the opportunity to witness
• that I would grow in Christlikeness
• that the Lord would send out laborers into the harvest
• that the Name of Christ be great among the nations