Wednesday, March 6, 2024

March 2024 Update

Greetings! Spring is nearly here. I hope each of you is doing well. I would like to thank all of you for praying for the work God is doing not only among the displaced indigenous peoples of Colombia with whom I work but also for what God is doing throughout the world. I have just completed my furlough in the States and traveled back to Colombia on Leap Day. The days before I flew out, I was able to make brief visits with my sisters in Mississippi and Alabama. So please pray for me as I get resettled back in Bogota. Moreover, pray that the word of Christ would speed ahead and be glorified among all peoples, that the gospel would advance unhindered, and that those who walk in darkness would see a great light. As we approach Resurrection Sunday later this month, may we seek to proclaim our Lord’s death and resurrection to everyone we can so that others may come to faith in Christ.