Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pray for me!

Here is my prayer card. Please support me by earnestly praying before the Father.

My Itinerary:
• In August and September, I will be at Field Personnel Orientation (FPO) in Virginia for two months of training with the International Mission Board (IMB).
• I will spend the first three weeks of October in Alabama.
• Then, I will be going to San José, Costa Rica for language study.
• After language school, I will work as an strategy coordinator intern in Perú.
• Finally, I will serve as a strategy coordinator and church planter among the lowland Quechua of Bolivia in the San Julián region a few hours north of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

For the Geographically Challenged:
• Bolivia is one of two landlocked countries in South America, approximately in the middle of South America.
• Bolivia borders Perú, Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile.
• The western half of the country lies in the Andes mountains.
• The eastern half is jungle lowlands.
• Bolivia has two capital cities La Paz (administrative branch) and Sucre (constitutional and judicial branches).

Bolivians are Roman Catholic with a mixture of traditional animism (such syncreticism is even more evident among indigenous groups). Protestant missionaries have often further this cycle of syncretism due to inadequate presentations of the gospel.

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