Monday, November 24, 2008

One Month Update

It hard to believe that I've been here for a whole month now. Things seem to be going well. I've gotten used to the rutine. I'm still taking the barefoot language class. Last week, we went to several field trips as a part of the class. We went to the basilica, an art museum, and a hospital. We have also sampled various fruits and vegetables that are popular in Costa Rica. It has been really exciting.

My Spanish is coming along. I can read in Spanish pretty well (i.e. accompanied by a dictionary). Using it in conversation is more difficult. Hearing it is even more difficult, especially outside of class (Spanish teachers tend to speak more slowly). But I am beginning to hear more words and make out more sentences. Poco a poco.

At the basilica, we were able to see firsthandthe overwhelming darkness of Catholicism and the stronghold it has on the people. It is indeed a Christless religion of works and traditions mixed with paganism which Satan is using it to deceive many. It is close to truth yet so far away at the same time. Please pray that the light of the true gospel of Christ would shine this dark place, that dead bones would be quickened, and that blind eyes would see and deaf ears would hear the Truth!

This past weekend, all of the IMB missionaries had a conference on Bible-storying. It was interesting, but had a lot of repition from orientaion in Virginia. I was able to meet more of the IMB missionaries that are here.

On Thursday, we are having a Thanksgiving Day Supper at the Institute—a time for food, fellowship, and giving thanks to God. I am looking forward to it.

For the Glory of His Name and the Furtherance of His Kingdom,


Allen said...

Where do you get your belief that the Catholic religion is Christless?

Kenan said...

The purpose of this blog is not to debate theology. I will, however, make a brief response. Just because the RCC has Christ in its systematic theology does not mean that the real Christ as revealed in Sacred Scripture is there. Indeed the RCC does have certain aspects of christology correct; they have defended the doctrine of the Trinity and the divinity and humanity of Christ. But, when it comes to the true gospel of Christ and the work of Christ at Calvary, it is fatally lacking. The RCC preaches a false gospel. They proclaim a gospel that biblically is anti-Christ. Thus the RCC is separated from Christ in a salvific sense and stands condemned. Thence comes my belief that the Catholic religion is Christless. It gets part of Christ right and part of Christ wrong, and it gets enough wrong to condemn itself and to deceive many.

Anonymous said...

And where did you get your knowledge of the Catholic church and it's teachings?

Kenan said...

My knowledge of RC teaching primarily comes from official RC catechism and Vatican I and II. Moreover, I have read RC apologists online. Again, this blog is not intended for theological debate so please take your debate elsewhere. Thank you.