Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been in Lima the past week to work on my carnet/visa. I also have Internet access there. I do not in Yanama. So now I can write something on my newsletter. Sunday, I was able to visit Iglesia Bautista del Salvador in Barranco and really enjoyed it.

Here is the plaza of Yanama.

I'm surrounded snow-capped mountains.

I have gotten settled in and am trying to build relationships with the people in the community. In January, I passed out calendars with Alvo (a believer from Chiclayo was in Yanama for a few weeks) into order to help introduce me to the community and meet people. The calendars have a bible verse for each day, so it also served to put some Scripture in the homes of the people.

I am meeting new people all the time. I have been able to share some with some. But they did not respond to the gospel. But the power of the Gospel is strong, and I am confident that people will believe as I proclaim it to people.

Please pray that I will be able to build relationships with the people of Yanama and that God will open doors the witness about Christ (Col 4:3) and that God will open hearts to receive the Gospel (Act 16:14).

Please pray that I would be devoted to prayer and the Word.

Please pray that I would grow in Christ-likeness.

The people of Yanama speak more northern Conchucos Quechua than Spanish, so pray that I can communicate clearly the Gospel. Most can speak Spanish, but they speak Quechua to one another and some speak only Quechua.

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Daniel said...

Praying for you brother.