Friday, March 6, 2015

2 Thessalonians 3:1 

Finally, brothers, pray for us, 
so that the word of the Lord 
may speed forward and be glorified…

Hello everyone! Thank you for your prayer support. Your prayers are a crucial aspect of the ministry I am doing here in Colombia. Please continue to pray for the advance of the gospel to the ends of the earth and for the work God has for me to do here in Colombia.

Here is an update as to what I'm doing:

I have been visiting with some of the Chamí that live in the shelter downtown. In some ways it has been frustrating because they are not always there. At times, I will have a couple of weeks with some good visits, but then I will have a couple of weeks when I can never find them at the shelter to visit.

When I can't find my Chamí friends at the shelter, I will look around downtown to see if I can found where they are selling the various items they make. For a while I was unable to find where they were selling. Recently, however, I have found out where and was able to make some good visits with various Chamí, including some that I thought had returned back to the interior. They have moved into some of the inexpensive run-down hotels.

Most of the Chamí that I know have plans to move back to the interior fairly soon. Sometimes these plans to return do not come about for various reasons. Please pray that I can make the most of the time they have here in Bogotá before they move.

Here is another thing you can pray for me about. There are other displaced groups in Bogotá. I would like to see these other displaced people groups begin to be engaged with the gospel. So pray that I may discover where other groups are located, make some initial contacts, and begin to build friendships that lead to lives being changed by the gospel.

Summary of Prayer Concerns:

• Pray that I will be able to engage the displaced Chamí in downtown Bogotá with the gospel, seeing God save people through the power of the gospel and then see them discipled through the Word and see a true church started among the Chamí people.

• Pray for me as I seek out other displaced groups in Bogotá with whom to build relationships that bear gospel fruit.

• Pray for me as I seek to find Colombians believers to help out with the work among the displaced in Bogotá.

• That I will be able to do the much needed research of the indigenous groups in Colombia.

• That I will be devoted to the Word, prayer, and the tasks at hand and grow closer to the Lord each and every day.

• That the Name of Christ would be great among all peoples as the gospel is proclaimed to the ends of the earth.

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