Saturday, September 12, 2009

A bird's eye view of where I am

Here is the image of where I live in Costa Rica.  The picture is three years old, so the house in which I live is not in the picture.  But I put the marker where the house is.  The house is in a gaited community of which some of the condominiums are still being constructed.

About six or seven blocks away, is ILE (Instituto de Lengua Española/Spanish Language Institute):

The building just above the red marker is the administration building.  The one just below it is where the classrooms are located.  Just below that is Sojourn Academy for the school-aged kids.  And just below that are the gymnasium and the preschool.

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an encourager said...

Oh, I see you! Well, I really just see your red arrow, but, hey... it's all the same! I am now beseeching the Lord for your listed requests. I still can't figure out how I found your blog... anyhoo, better go learn your name so I will remember to pray more often than when I stumble into your web territory. Blessings!