Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Update

It's been a month now since I boarded a plane bond for Bogotá, Colombia. So, here's an update as to what I've been doing:

I spent the first two weeks getting oriented to the city and doing the necessary paperwork to live here. During this time, I went to the National Museum and the Gold Museum.

During my second week here, there were around two dozen Hands On students here in Bogotá for  an orientation before they each went their place a service (Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brasil, and Colombia) for four months. So I helped out some with the orientation. Seems like a really good group of college students.

I began working at Estindus, the indigenous student center, my third week here.  The primary service offered for the students is an inexpensive lunch. So, I have been helping with the lunches every day.  In addition to serving lunches, I have been tutoring English and Algebra.  On Friday nights, we have a Bible study with the students using Bible Storying.  Please pray that some good friendships will develop from this so that the students can be reached and discipled with the Gospel.

I am currently living in the house of another missionary couple who to go back to the States for a while.  This house is pretty far from Estindus, making for a long commute everyday.  I am looking for an apartment closer to Estindus.  Please pray that I can find an apartment.

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