Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Team from NY and GA

Greetings! Thank you for partnering with me through prayer. Here are a few things that have been going on recently. Last week, we had a team from the US come and help us out. Half the team was from New York City; the other half was from Georgia.

The first day, we had orientation for the team. The next two days, we did two things: Part of the team went to a home for troubled teenage girls. The other part of the team filmed three Bible stories.  At the girls home, we met with three different groups of girls from the home. With each group, we played a game, sang some songs, shared a Bible story, and prayed with the girls.

We have filmed stories before the past two years. This year we filmed The Resurrection, The Road to Emmaus, and one on the Early Church. We recorded the narration of the stories in the indigenous language, and the indigenous children and teens acted out the stories. So now we have the stories on DVD to pass out, and they can hear the stories in their heart language.

The next two days, helped with the ministry of a missionary couple that lives in Bogotá.  We went to a finca (farm) an hour outside of the city and did VBS type stuff with some kids there. The first day, the older kids came to the finca. The next day, the younger kids came. We sang songs. we told the story of Josiah. Then, they rotated through four different stations with different activities. We also had hotdogs and roasted marshmallows.

The final day, after a little time souvenir shopping and visiting a vista point in Bogotá, we when to the indigenous shelter to show the videos which were filmed earlier in the week.

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