Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Update

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to do a quick update for you.

Thank you for praying for the work that is going on here in Colombia. As I mentioned in my last update, one of the Wounaan believers with whom we have been working has been moved to a more secure location due to his life being threatened. His is still in that safe location. Many in his family have become more interested in studying the Bible with us. So continue to pray for the Wounaan. Pray that the believers would grow in their faith. Pray that the Spirit would open the eyes of unbelievers to receive the gospel. Pray that strong churches would be planted both here in Bogotá and back in Chocó where the Wounaan are from.

One Saturday a few weeks ago, in order to reach out to the Wounaan community, we had a dentist and an optometrist come and provide free examinations for the Wounaan.  Pray that this will result in relationships being made and that people will hear the gospel as a result.

They retreat in Costa Rica went great. I used to live in Costa Rica, so it was good to be able to visit that country again even if it wasn't in the same location where I lived. I was able to reconnect with friends and had time to relax. I really enjoyed it.

My team is still working with a Katío family, another people group he in Bogotá. The family we are visiting lives in a rough area of the city that's filled with drugs and prostitution.  They have recently moved from one building to another a few blocks away, but it is still in the same rough area of town. The father, Eliezer, is having a hard time finding a job. So pray for him. We have been able to visit with the family and begun to share Bible stories with them. This work here is in the very early stages. Please pray that this will lead to many new believers and a new church.

Again, thank you for praying. God bless.

Here are some prayer concerns:

• That we will be able to disciple the Wounaan believers so that they may continue to grow in the faith, see the grand story of the Bible, and apply the Word to their lives.

• That the Wounaan in Bogotá will be mobilized to send out their own missionaries to reach their on people in Chocó.

• That the Wounaan believer I mentioned above would be comforted by the gospel and the grace we have in Christ during this time of separation from his family. That he would be safe. That many would come to faith as a result of this situation.

• That the work with the Katío would be fruitful and lead to many coming to Christ and biblical churches planted.

• That Eliezer would be able to find work to provide for his family.
• That I will be devoted to the Word, prayer, and the task at hand and grow closer to the Lord each and every day.

• That the Name of Christ would be great among all peoples as the gospel is proclaimed to the ends of the earth. 

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