Wednesday, November 4, 2020

November Update

Greetings! Thank you for praying for me and for the work in Colombia. I hope that each one of you are doing well. Let’s keep on trusting our Lord who is in control of all things. 

The past weeks have been super busy. I have been able to organize a project to help the hundreds of indigenous (Embera) who have been living in a city park for the past four months or so. Several people from Betania Baptist Church were able to assist me in the project. We bought rice, beans, plantains, yuca, potatoes, blankets, mats and other items to help provide some relief to their physical needs. They were extremely grateful. The government has stepped in within the past few days to relocated some of them to another part of Colombia and others to a more secure location within the city. Today (Wednesday), I was able to visit with some of  them. They seem to be interested in studying Scripture. So I will hopefully be able to begin to do so soon. I also plan to involve others from Betania in the work. 

I was unable to be present when the food was delivered to the park. That is because I was traveling to Quindío for the Colombian prayer retreat. This was the retreat that had to be rescheduled because of the lockdowns earlier this year.  The theme for the Bible studies was the one anothers of the NT. It was a great time to get away from the city and see friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I was also able to meet new friends. There is a group of Cubans who have begun to serve in Colombia, and they were able to attend the retreat as well. 

Early this morning, Fabio, the pastor of Betania Baptist Church passed away. Several weeks ago, he tested positive for covid. He seemed to be recovering and doing well, but Friday evening he took a turn for the worse. Please pray for Betania Baptist Church during this time. We do not grieve as those who have no hope but grieve nonetheless. 

Please continue to pray for Ted and Amy. Amy’s health is declining. Pray that I will be able to minister to them and comfort them with the gospel. I have had several good conversations with Ted. 

Please continue to pray for the new work in Vaupés. I do hope to be ble to visit the work there within the next few months to see how it’s going there. With the trip to Quindío, I have a better understanding of what flying this side of pandemic lockdowns. So I would like to be able to make a trip over there soon. 

Please also to continue to pray for the Wounaan. I have been able to make several visits with them. I have helped “Silas” get to his medical appointments. I have studied Scripture with them and prayed with them.

So a lot has been going on the past month with many ups and downs. Pray for the followup with the Embera. Pray that I can help build a team to help me with the work. Several has already begun to help me and others have expressed a desire to continue to do so. Pray for Betania Baptist Church during this difficult time as their pastor has suddenly passed away. Pray for Ted and Amy. Pray for the Wounaan. And as always, pray the the Name of Christ would be great among the nations. 


Colossians 4:2-5 
Continue steadfastly in prayer, 

being watchful in it with thanksgiving. 

At the same time, pray also for us, 

that God may open to us a door for the word, 

to declare the mystery of Christ, 

on account of which I am in prison— 

that I may make it clear, 

which is how I ought to speak.

Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, 

making the best use of the time. 

Let your speech always be gracious, 

seasoned with salt, 

so that you may know 

how you ought to answer each person.

We pray because we are dependent on Him to open doors of opportunity in evangelism. We are dependent upon Him to give us wisdom that we know how we ought to speak. Let us learn by God’s grace to clearly communicate the gospel to those around us and make wise use of our time. Let us do so with the gospel firmly in our minds knowing that we have been made alive together with Christ, that our sins are forgiven, that our sin–not in part, but the whole– has been nailed to the cross, and that the rulers and authorities have been disarmed (2:13-15).  

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Unknown said...

Kennan - Our ladies mission group will be together today and will be praying for you and your work.

Martha Sirles