Saturday, June 4, 2016

Storying with the Wounaan


Thank you for praying for the work God is doing here in Colombia.  Prayer is a vital part of missions. So please continue to pray that the Word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored (2 Thes 3:1), that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers into His harvest (Mat 9:37-38), that God would open doors for the Word (Col 4:3), and that I may boldly proclaim the gospel (Eph 6:18-19).

I wanted to give a brief update.  As I mentioned in my previous entry, I have begun to work with the displaced Wounaan people living in the southern part of Bogotá.  In this work with the Wounaan, I am working alongside a local Baptist church, so several members there are involved in the efforts.

There are two groups of Wounaan believers that are in need of discipleship.  One group is growing strong.  There's about 30 that are meeting each week.  The other group is a bit smaller and is need of more help.  We have spend more time with this group.  Both groups seems to be enjoying learning more from the Word of God.

We make several visits with them each week.  During the visits, we have been teaching through chronological Bible storying, beginning with Creation.  We have just gotten to Abraham.  As we teach the stories, we try to help them better understand who God is and what His plan is through His Son, Jesus.  So as we wend our way through the stories of Scripture, we want them to understand it as one story that is centered on Christ and the gospel.  In addition to the storying, we have taught on different topics such as prayer, what is the Bible, and the armor of God.

Here are some prayer concerns:

• That we will be able to disciple the Wounaan believers so that they may continue to grow in the faith, see the grand story of the Bible, and apply the Word to their lives.

• That the Wounaan in Bogotá will be mobilized to send out their own missionaries to reach their on people in Chocó.

• That I will be able to find an apartment in the southern part of Bogotá so that I may cut my substantial commute.

• That I will be devoted to the Word, prayer, and the task at hand and grow closer to the Lord each and every day.

• That the Name of Christ would be great among all peoples as the gospel is proclaimed to the ends of the earth. 

Therefore let it be known to you 
 that this salvation of God has been sent to the nations, 
and they will listen.  ~ Acts 28:28

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