Monday, July 9, 2018


Hello everyone!  Thank you for continuing to pray for me and the work God is doing in Colombia.

Please continue to pray for the work among the Wounaan.  We have been looking at various passages in Philippians with them. Please pray that they would continue to grow. Sercelino continues to have health issues that need to be resolved. Pray that he will get the treatment he needs. There are also some younger Wounaan with a growing interest in studying the Word. Pray that God will use them in a great way for the gospel.

Also, please continue to pray for the Katíos. Life is really hard for them in many ways. One family we are working with had a baby born with health issues and had to be hospitalized for several weeks. He is back home now. They have also moved again to another building in the same neighborhood. One family has returned to Chocó. And there have been some divisions among some of them due to gossip. Please pray that the truth of the gospel will grip their hearts.

Also, we have started visiting a shelter where many indigenous peoples from the department of Guainía live. (Guainía is over on the east side of Colombia bordering Venezuela and Brasil). Many of them have health issues which they are receiving care for at the shelter. These groups are considered reached. Much missionary work has been going on among them for years. But God has provided this opportunity to reach out to the ones that are here in Bogotá. Some of them are believers. Pray that we would be able to disciple those who are and evangelize those are not.

Thank you for your prayers.

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